What is Possible?

Updated: Feb 4

Who feels powerless and hindered in educating our children in a pandemic, rising gas prices, inflation, a supply chain shortage, and bad news in the media?

Who feels like they might be living in a cave or trapped in the "Twilight Zone"?

Who is feeling disempowered and underappreciated? If you are, then you are normal and human.

You are not broken.

It is the human condition to wait for circumstances to change, such as a different outside world, education going back to how it was, others expressing their appreciation for us, or winning the lottery.

What if we had the freedom to create the value we were meant to develop independently, despite what was outside our control.

Isn't that why we went into education to work in our own classrooms or school site to improve the future?

What if we just needed to change the story, change the channel?

Waiting for the circumstances such as the world or others to be the way we want them will never happen and keeps us from putting our magic into the world.

A few of the circumstances in my own life are no booze for 32 years, married three times, love to freaking cuss, husband #2 died of AIDs in 1992, my strong marriage isn't perfect even after 28 years, my kids are amazingly imperfect, and as a teacher and principal, I helped a lot of people big and small.

A year ago, I walked away from being a principal and into a new purpose, rather than waiting for circumstances to change.

I thought that I would create the value I am meant to develop outside of any limitations or institution.

I told myself that I was going to find out.

Because if I don't create it, don't find that freedom to create my own wisdom, and put it out in the world, then the world will miss out.

The desire is strong and refuses to be ignored.

What strong desire do you have? What value do you want to create despite fearing failure, not feeling good enough, or not being accepted by everyone?

Staying inside the cave or the comfort of a box will always be more comfortable. Nobody must risk anything. It is normal not to attempt unknown risks as your brain keeps you safe.

There's no exposure.

The question to ask is, am I willing to embrace my freedom to venture out of the box to see what I can create in the world?

Am I willing to stand by myself and have my own back every minute, even though doing this will be more complex and challenging than staying in the cave?

Who would I become if I went for it despite the world "shit show"?

This is an excellent reason to go for it to see what is possible as we will be better, feel better.

I am not here to take away from anyone's experience and the validity of education at this time, nor am I suggesting the solution is to leave the profession.

Only wondering if...

Are we willing to create the freedom to explore the value we must give?

It starts with changing our story.

I could share and talk about this topic all day long!

If you would like to talk more or learn more about how to move from feeling powerless to empowered book a call with me and we will chat.

I'm a life and wellness coach. In my coaching practice, I help my clients reclaim their personal power by letting go of their past, building a healthy relationship with themselves and others, that create ease in their present moment and a most extraordinary life of happiness and purpose.

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