The Easy Solution to Having a Doable To-Do List for 2021-2022

The FREE 3-Day “Doable To-Do List” Challenge with Lynn Hardin

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Are you a teacher who is stressed out, tired, and has a mile long to-do list?


Are you in need of a system to keep all the balls in the air that you juggle?


Would you like the security and confidence of having a doable to-do list?

Take The 3-Day “Doable To-Do List”. Challenge

($197 Value)

The Challenge starts 10/20/21 and its 100% Free…

Get 3 days of Live training, coaching, worksheets and more from educational leadership and life coach Lynn Hardin!

School is in session and the October “overwhelms” are here.  Its time conquer that outrageously long To-Do List and make it doable for you.

Whatever your style of making, organizing, and checking off a to-do list this 3-Day challenge will change your entire year.

You know that To-Do List that keeps you up at night and staying late at school?  The one that before you were able to crush until the world went crazy, life got small, and education changed forever?  I completely understand as it happened to every educator.  The school year is far from over and I want you to be able to have right now less stress, less overwhelm, and time for health and happiness.

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I’ll supply the tools.  You supply the To-Do List.  Together we will change your life and maybe the world.  Are you in?

What will you learn to do?

By the end of this challenge, you will learn:


I get it that there is too much to do and not enough time.  I’ll teach you a system where tasks are prioritized, completed successfully, and do not add to your workload.


Mindset is everything.  I’ll teach you how to flip worry, fear, despair into health, happiness, and success.


Research shows most new learning and habits evaporate on day 2 of implementation.  I’ll share with you how to prevent this and be successful.

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I don’t want you to miss out on this! The challenge starts OCTOBER 20, 2021. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email with access to the private Facebook group where I’ll be going live every day!



I’m Lynn Hardin

I've studied and practiced what it takes to empower teachers for years. I practice what I preach and have made my To-Do list doable without taking any tasks or goals off. I know staying motivated and consistent are some of the biggest obstacles that get in the way of health and happiness, so I've made it my mission to give you the tools you need to have health and happiness even when distractions are trying to get in the way of your success. You can make a To-Do list doable. I can't wait to show you how.


  • Retired Principal from Award Winning Elementary Schools

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Certificated California Educational Leadership Coach

  • Enchilada and Mixed Media Aficionado

If this is not the challenge for you currently, how about a free guide for happiness:

Challenge FAQ

What is a challenge with Lynn Hardin?

Lynn loves hosting challenges in a private Facebook group. It’s a fast, fun way to learn life-changing lessons. Plus, when you join, you get instant access to the most encouraging group of people on the planet, other teachers.

What is the time commitment for a challenge?

Lynn will teach live for a half hour each day during the challenge. She then will coach and answer questions. There will be lots of homework, activities and strategies in each lesson, but you can decide how much time you want to invest.

What if I cannot attend live?

No problem! Half of the participants will attend live, but the other half will watch the video replays.

What if I am not on Facebook?

Although the private community is a fun part of the challenge, we know that lots of people don’t use Facebook. That’s why we’ll send everyone in the challenge a video link of that day’s lesson so that they can enjoy the content on their own completely outside of Facebook.