Hello there! I am Lynn.

I am an elementary school principal who has been where you are if your life/job feels overwhelming and stressful. 

I remember putting my vision on the back burner:

  • to cover classrooms due to teacher shortages, rarely getting into the classroom to observe and give feedback, attending negative union meetings, speaking with parents who had the right to be angry, and attending useless district trainings. 

There was not enough time for the kids or making it home in time to cook dinner or take the dog out for a walk.

My story is one 23 years in education as a teacher and principal in a large urban school district. 

I have been sober 32 years which is even longer than Brene Brown!

I have overcome depression, anxiety, fatigue and now I'm living an extraordinary life of purpose, calm, and inspiration.
I'm a Leadership and Life Coach who empowers principals with the social-emotional tools they need to succeed at their school and in life.

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My mission is to help you manage stress, find your power,  and turn it loose on the world.

My Story

I understand the ups and downs of being a human being living in today's world.  I am a life coach, educator, school leader, women, wife, mother, and I know how stressful life can be.


As a  teacher, sober woman, elementary school principal, life coach, worry wart, and all around negative thinker I understand.


I know that many of my problems stem from my thinking (mindset), feelings about myself and others, and actions that are visceral.

I spent many years with anxiety, depression, and holding myself back from doing what I truly wanted to do in life, for myself, and others.


I was letting life happen to me instead of for me.  Letting others live rent-free in my head caused dis-empowerment and prevented healthy changes.

Eventually, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I found ways (which I will share with you) to prioritize my mental and physical wellness, finish goals, be creative and live happily.

Now, I teach and coach others on how to use social-emotional tools to be successful at their school and in life.

When I’m not busy with coaching clients, you can catch me chasing my grandson at the beach, painting simple watercolors in a journal, and googling new healthy recipes to try.

I love trash TV, buying new art supplies, and entering local 5K races with my son.