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Hello there! I am Lynn.

"If only the adults had a growth mindset and problem solved!"

"How can I lead them to do what is best for students?"

I used to say this to myself ALL the time.

I was convinced I just needed to figure out the how, manage my time better in order to personally help them, explain the initiatives better, get the adults to be less angry, find the right decision without someone saying it is wrong.

Or read another leadership book on how to fine-tune my leadership skills.

But no matter how many books I read or how many weekends I worked, nothing changed.

I still did not know the answer to "how."

I still felt crushed by the needs of the adults.

I felt unavailable to to the needs of students and to do the job of a good principal.

I was tired, unhappy, and stressed, because I had too much on my plate.

I woke up early. I worked late.

I thought if I could just work harder, I’d get there. I’d get it all done with greatness.

The parents, district, teachers, and staff would be happy. Which meant I could be happy, having finally received their approval.

Turns out . . .

You can't "keep all the spinning plates in the air" your way to happiness.

Believe me . . . I tried.

Sound familiar? If so, here’s what I want you to know.

Through all of that trying, I learned something they don’t teach you in graduate school or in an administrative credentialing program.

The solve for stress?

It isn't PEOPLE management.

It’s MIND management.

That’s right. You don’t need the plan on how change people, places, and things.  You need a plan for you.

One where your well-being, not your work-load and other's actions, gets to be the top priority.

Sounds impossible? It’s not. I’ll show you.

I work solely 1-on-1 with principals who desire less stress and a growth mindset.

I help them start living lives with less stress and far more fulfillment.

If you're ready to start living that life, let's get started.

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My mission is to help you manage stress, find your power,  and turn it loose on the world.

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