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Hi, I'm Lynn Hardin!
I'm a leadership and life coach for educators. I am the founder of "Happy Teacher Happy Life," and my mission is 
to help you find health and happiness. Let's get back to
the things that make you happy: the success of your students, a supportive community, meaningful  relationships,  and wellness.

I'm a "tell it like it is" Texan with a warm heart for teachers and our kids. I have a weakness for school supply  stores,
yummy art supplies,  and the poems of Sarah Blondin.
Lovely to meet you!  
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We all Receive the Best
Students receive more and the best of us.
Family and friends receive more and the best of us.
The desk is clear and the is work finished for the day.
It feels happy and calm to be at school.
The comparison to others does not exist in our world.
Together we can make this life a reality for you
It's possible and I will teach you how!
Happiness and health for a teacher have 8 areas of mastery. Health, personal development, fun, romance, career, family and friends, money, and spirituality.
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Stage 1 - Your Future - What if...?
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The 5 Stages of Teacher Happiness
relationship, and happiness toolbox
Stage 2 - Your Present - Needs, dreams, and goals (baseline).
Stage 3 - Your Personal Teacher Health and Happiness Plan.
Stage 4 - Your Treasure Chest - a fully equipped health,       
Stage 5 - Your Healthy and Happy Life.
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The Teacher Daily Planner
Use this simple one-page planner to create a day that is healthy and happy by writing your thoughts, goals, and to-dos.
Imagine a Life Where
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Welcome To
Happy Teacher Happy Life
Feeling overwhelmed or exhausted from school taking over your whole life?

Ready to get back to health, happiness, and the joy of teaching?
You have come to the perfect place.
Take a quiz to learn your level of emotional intelligence?

Find out if your emotional intelligence is helping or hindering your abilities as a teacher! Take this quiz to find out what your level of emotional intelligence is and how to help create health and happiness with this information.

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Let's start at the Beginning
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The Blog

Read about the most recent and effective ways to improve one's mindset, embrace time efficiency to be more productive, communication skills, healthy relationships, and wellness of mind and body.

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Special Awards
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2020 - Honored as National Principal for Equity and Excellence
2020 - Principal of Americas' Best Urban School
Certified Law of Attraction and Meditation Coach
Certificated California Leadership Coach
Certified Relationship and Life Coach
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