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Hi, I'm Lynn Hardin!

I'm a Life and Wellness Coach.  I am also a retired Elementary School Principal with a heart for kids, teachers, and admins.

In my coaching practice, I help my clients manage the anxiety of living in the world we have today. 


They reclaim their sense of self-worth by using the past as valuable experiences, build healthy relationships with themselves and others, that create connection, personal power, and ease.

If you would like to learn more about how to worry less,, how to feel better no matter what the circumstance, how our thoughts control our lives, or learn more about how to work with me, schedule a free 30-minute  coaching call.

I'm a "tell it like it is" Texan with a warm heart for anyone feeling overwhelmed by life, who wishes to leave the past behind and build an extraordinary life.


I have a weakness for public education, hardware stores, yummy art supplies,  and the poems of Sarah Blondin.


Lovely to meet you!  

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We all Receive the Best
You are your best for the world and yourself!
Family, those at work, and friends receive more and the best of us.
Anxiety, worry, and fear are no more.
It feels happy and calm to have an extraordinary life.
Together we can make this life a reality for you
It's possible and I will show you how!
A worry free and  extraordinary life have 8 areas of mastery. health, personal development, fun, romance, career, family and friends, money, and spirituality.
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1. Being aware of the circumstances of our life
2. Being honest about our thoughts
3. Allowing feelings without judgement or resistance
4. Being in massive action
5. Based on results fail, learn, and try again
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The 5 Stages of Anxiety Management and an Extraordinary Life
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Imagine a Life Where...
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Hello there!

Are you an educator who would love to manage  anxiety and stop worrying?


Does thinking of the past make you cringe?

Do you want to feel worthy and excited about your future?

Are you curious about how to have a personal and professional  life filled with connection  and respect?


You have come to the right place.

Simple Five Step System to Decrease Overwhelm and Stress
Use this simple one-page guide to create a day that has less stress, less anxiety, and leaves you with a feeling of ease.
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Let's start at the Beginning
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The Blog

Read about the most recent and effective ways to worry less, embrace time efficiency to be more productive, enhance communication skills, have  healthy relationships, and wellness of mind and body.

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Talk with Lynn and get your questions answered, receive more personal attention,

and mind-blowing information.  Let's talk about how to worry less!

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Book a Discovery Call
Talk with Lynn and get your questions answered, receive more personal attention, and information.
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